Disney Animal Kingdom’s Rivers of Light

Disney's Rivers of Light

A trip to Walt Disney World is full of a variety of amazing experiences. There are many different “worlds” throughout this theme park, so on any given day you can have a totally unique experience. One of these “worlds” is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here, you can find rides, shows, and live animals! After a day of amazing adventures throughout the park, there is no better way to top it off than by enjoy the “Rivers of Light” show. This blend of storytelling, music, and light is a one of kind experience that everyone is sure to enjoy.

About the Show

When it gets dark, crowds gather on the shores of the Animal Kingdom’s river to see an epic show in the Rivers of Light. As the light of the sky fades, the show begins with a single luminescent boat floating peacefully down the river. The sailors of this boat inform the crowd that they all will be embarking on a journey exploring the Earth and forces that bind all of its creatures. From this modest starting point, the show gets more and more spectacular. What starts as a few beautiful clusters of lights forming elephants and owls turns into an endless parade of majestic animals. These one of a kind portrayals of these creatures will take you from the plains of Africa to the hills of east Asia in an instant.

But the animals are not the only brilliant thing you will see, as synchronized light shows accompany them along these peaceful waters. Water is brought along as a part of the show, as it is expelled from an endless array of canyons, providing a beautiful accompaniment to the lights. Exciting music and compelling stories punctuate the experience, making it a very unique one. It is a one of kind spectacle that offers a bit of knowledge about our natural world, fun stories, and of course, a whole lot of amazing lights. Not only is it just good old-fashioned fun, but each person leaves the show feeling a bit closer to the people around them and the world as a whole. Everyone can find great value in this experience.

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