Pirate's Dinner Adventure


Dinner shows are often thought of as something for the older generation—perfectly nice and a lot of fun, but not something younger people can really get into to. That may be true, until you experience the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in our own hometown! Offering good food and fun, this interactive dinner show is designed to entertain people of all ages, including the youngest members of your traveling caravan.

Located at 6400 Carrier Drive in Orlando

While many dinner shows have “dark” days, the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure offers two shows each night, Monday through Friday, and three shows on the weekends during the summer, ensuring that no matter when you visit, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your sea legs! From the pre-show that you won’t want to miss to the brownie dessert so tasty you will find yourself licking the plate, every second of this special show will have you wishing it never had to end.

The gourmet menu offers choices, including a vegetarian option and a salmon upgrade for adults, and a delicious chicken nugget and macaroni and cheese meal for the younger palates. Soft drinks are complimentary, but there is a full cash bar for the over-21 crowd! Tickets cost $63.95 for participants 11 years of age and older, $37.95 for 3- to 10-year-olds, and free for those 2 and under. Reasonably priced, this show fits nicely into even the tightest of vacation budgets!

Time for the Show

Colorful and exciting, visitors of all ages will find themselves sitting on the edge of their seats as they view the antics of the good Benjamin Blue, the beautiful Princess Anita, and the evil Pirate Captain Sebastian the Black! Fighting the age-old battle of good vs. evil with humor, wisecracks, blasts of cannons, and some good old-fashioned pyrotechnics, special appearances by mermaids and the Loch Ness Monster prove that this dinner show is steps above all others! And because more is never enough, during every show, a selection of audience members will be chosen to become a part of the show. But don’t worry, even though you may have lines and are an integral part of the show, good will prevail in the end and you will not have to walk the plank!

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