5 Water Rides in Orlando You Must Try

5 Water Rides in Orlando You Must Try

There is so much to love about Orlando, but at the forefront of it all are the incredible theme parks that dot the city. As such, this city is known as the Theme Park Capital of the World. There is something for everyone throughout these many parks, especially during the warm months of summer when you need to stay cool in the process of having fun. These five water rides offer the best ways to stay cool and have an unforgettable time.

Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges

The Islands of Adventure has one of the best water rides in the city. This ride takes you on an incredible journey through its theme and production. The story is accompanied with many twists, turn, dives, and waves, and you are likely to get soaked on this one!

Jurassic Park River

This ride offers an incredible experience at The Islands of Adventure. In form with the movie, the ride starts as a relaxing tour through Jurassic Park, but somewhere along the way, something goes terribly wrong and the adrenaline pumping action begins. You have to outmaneuver a T-Rex, after which you plunge down an 85-foot drop. This is an incredible experience that will not leave you completely soaked.

Splash Mountain

Some rides never go out of style. The classic Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom embodies this sentiment. Equal parts storyline and fun twists and turns, riders get enveloped in the story of Splash Mountain before they are sent careening down a 52-foot drop, offering the perfect crescendo for this ride. Choose your spot on the log carefully, because some people will get soaked!

Quest for Chi

This ride in LEGOLAND is definitely one of the most unique. Of course, people love twists, turns, and plunges, but this ride adds a bit of interaction, as there are water cannons on each vessel. This gives rider the opportunity to attempt to soak people in other boats, providing a very unique experience.

Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

This ride is fun and captivating, with great drops and turns to go along with the amazing setting and design of the ride. This is a fun ride than reaches a climax with a 75-foot drop into cascading water. It is a thrill for the senses and will surely do the trick in cooling you down on a hot Orlando day.

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