Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town Kissimmee

When people think of Orlando, Florida, images of Walt Disney World are often the first to come to mind. But just down the street, you can find an attraction that is a bit more understated and just as capable of providing an unforgettable experience in Old Town Kissimmee. Since its opening in 1986, Old Town Kissimmee has served as a celebration of an old time Florida town. Amidst this charming setting, you will not find the long lines and non-stop action of some of Orlando's other theme parks, but a simpler, equally fun way to spend a day.

Shops, Restaurants, and Rides

The first thing you will notice about Old Town Kissimmee is the massive Ferris wheel that towers over the area. But throughout Old Town's gorgeous 18 acres of trees and brick streets, you will find so much more to love. There are over 70 shops, restaurants, and bars that each bring something unique to the proceedings here. You will not find your favorite nationwide stores, but local and authentic shops. Find the perfect souvenir at places like Wild Billie's Gifts or Tiki Jim's. You can find everything from casual beachwear to upscale fashion at places like Saltwater USA and Out of This World Embroidery. Between shopping excursions, find any type of food you are in the mood for throughout dozens of unique restaurants. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Old Town Kissimmee.


There are many special events as well as weekly entertainment happening in Old Town Kissimmee so there is always something unique to take advantage of. For starters, you can enjoy a car show every weekend evening as classic muscle cars, trucks, and more roll down tree-lined streets. You can also enjoy live music pretty much every night of the week. On top of these regularly occurring events, you can also find many special ones throughout the year. For example, one of the most beloved of these periodic events is the Holidays at Old Town taking place from November 23rd through December 25th during which time people can enjoy incredible lights, parades, special offers, and so much more.

Whether you are looking for something in particular or you just want to spend a day in a unique and fun place, you will love the memories that you make at Old Town Kissimmee. Locals, visitors, and everyone in between find a unique experience here every day. Find your unique experience at 5770 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, just a short drive from your Exclusive Orlando Rental villa.

Reunion Vacation Homes, October 3, 2018