ICON Orlando 360

ICON Orlando 360

George Washington Ferris built the first Ferris wheel for the renowned Chicago’s World Fair in 1893. Since then, people have reinvented the giant rotating observation wheel over and over. A few years ago, in 2015, Orlando, Florida welcomed a modern version of the giant amusement park ride. May 4, 2015 was the grand opening for the ICON Orlando 360.

Sky High Views

With an astounding height of 400 feet, this has been called the largest observation wheel on the United States’ East Coast. Passengers take their 23-minute flight inside one of 30 climate control pods. Each of the observation pods have been designed after the ski lift and have glass walls for optimal viewing.

Light Up Orlando

One really fascinating feature of the ICON Orlando 360 is the fact that the giant wheel is lit up with beautiful colors. During scheduled days throughout the year, the wheel will be lit a single color for a specific reason, such as yellow in support of the “stop for school bus campaign.” Generally speaking though, the wheel is lit up in colors similar to the logo, which is comprised of red, orange, yellow, and blue.

Handicap Accessible

Each one of the observation pods are handicap-accessible and will accommodate wheelchairs and motorized wheeled mobility chairs up to 36” in width. Also permitted are service animals such as dogs and small horses in accordance with the ADA regulations. Strollers (must be of approved size) are permitted as well, so the entire family can hop onboard.

Events & Groups

ICON Orlando 360 is a great place to bring your school, group, or business event. It is more that just a giant wheel. There are several event venues that will accommodate even the largest of crowds. The courtyard invites bands, dance and drill teams, and choirs to perform live for the visitors. No matter the group or theme, this is a great place to have an event.

Get Your Ticket

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