Ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Hagrid Ride

Muggles and wizards from all over the world have yet another reason to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during their Orlando getaway. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is the newest way to pay homage to the story we can’t forget! Offering all the magic of the books with a real-life twist that will take your breath away, this ride promises to be the best thing since butterbeer! And because this ride is found at Universal Studios and not in the pages of the book, riders can enjoy all the excitement with none of the fears of danger from the unnamed one, which should be a relief to parents!

Download the App

First of all, everyone loves Hagrid, so this ride is a popular one. If you want to be sure to get your turn on the adventure, you might want to download the Official Universal Resort App and use their virtual line system! You can also call their hotline at 407-817-8060 for more information or time your visit for a less busy day in the middle of the week, because this is a ride you’re not going to want to miss! Visit here for more information!

Prepare to Fly

Ok, we know you won’t really be flying, but this exciting trip through the Forbidden Forest is as close as you can get to a magical flight! As you assist sweet Hagrid on his mission to help Harry, expect to meet all the creatures that brought the movie and book to life; from centaurs to giant spiders to the magical unicorn, your trip through the forest offers a new adventure around every corner! Here’s your chance to practice the spells Hermione was such an expert at (even if Ron and Neville needed more practice!) as you zoom through the forest with the power of Hagrid’s motorbikes roaring beneath you! Try with all that’s magical within you to avoid falling into the Devil’s Snare. As much as we love our guests and try to protect them, we can’t guarantee a misstep if the spells you weave fail to work! Don’t worry, though; even when things seemed most hopeless, Harry and those around him always managed to come through the trials and tribulations stronger than ever—as will you!

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