Florida's Mighty Rockets


There’s something extraordinary that takes place in Florida. To Floridians it may not seem as unique. To outsiders, however, and especially space junkies, it’s a one in a million event that deserves their full attention. We’re talking about rocket launches, of course. Florida is the home for Kennedy Space Center, NASA’s main launch center for human spaceflight. And if you are in Florida, these amazing launches which can be seen for miles away take place so regularly that the locals don’t even stop what they’re doing to watch. Visitors, on the other hand, especially our guests who can see these events with their naked eyes, free their schedule to watch the launches either from their windows or the front yard.


This year will see many high-profile launches both by NASA, SpaceX, and Boeing. Not since 2011 when the Space Shuttle program was terminated has there been such a flurry of private launches that aim to take astronauts to low-Earth orbits. Meanwhile, other launches will take satellites, the lunar lander, and resupply missions to the ISS. This means that the year will be busy with amazing launches and fascinating missions that will attract visitors from across the nation.

Events Calender

If you’re a fan of space travel and seeing a rocket launch is just about the most exciting thing you can imagine, then you’d better mark these dates in your calendar. March saw the United Launch Alliance launching its Delta IV rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station SLC-37. March also saw another important launch—this time it’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launching Arabsat 6A into orbit. April will have a single launch which sends Boeing Starliner spacecraft aboard an Atlas V rocket. Two months later in July, a crewed test flight will board the Crew Dragon spacecraft and get launched into space. August will also have another commercial flight where three crews will be sent to the ISS aboard an Atlas V rocket.

Why Stay with Us?

Well, as we said, you can watch all these liftoffs from the comfort of your vacation rental since our properties give you a clear view of the rocket launches. For space junkies, that might be the most important reason to stay with us. But there are many other reasons as to why you’ll love our vacation rentals. We offer comfort and convenience in our stylish and luxuriously furnished vacation villas. Enjoy your vacation in style in one of our many vacation rentals that make your comfort and enjoyment a top mission. Book with Exclusive Orlando Rentals today.