Dolphin Days

Dolphin Days

Let’s take a moment and contemplate the delightful dolphin. Thought to be one of the smartest creatures of the sea, their perpetually smiling faces and playful antics make them one of our favorite sea creatures as well. We love to watch them reach new heights as they jump from the water out of sheer happiness, and for those of us who have been lucky enough to do more than watch, their velvety soft “hides” are fun to touch. SeaWorld in Orlando understands our fascination with these friendly creatures, and as such, have added Dolphin Days to their itinerary of shows. An integral part of the SeaWorld experience, we highly recommend you check out what they have to offer!

Located at 7007 Sea World Drive

Starring the beautiful bottlenose dolphins, Dolphin Days is one of SeaWorld’s newest shows, taking over where Blue Horizons left off. And because less is never more, a flock of colorful tropical birds joins in the show, flying high while the dolphins swim low. Lasting about 20 minutes in total, you can expect to be amused, amazed, and splashed, if you happen to be seated inside the splash zone; what else do you expect from a SeaWorld show?

As the dolphins perform crazy tricks with their trainers, the difference between this show and some of their standard earlier ones is the education you will receive as you’re having fun. SeaWorld’s mission these days is to not just entertain but to educate, protect, and preserve, and the wildlife that inhabits this special park is surely very appreciative of this mission. And because one lucky volunteer from every show will have the opportunity to become a part of the show, we keep going back again and again, hoping to get picked! If you’re lucky enough to get to be the one chosen to play with the parrots and dolphins, be sure to have your family take lots of pictures; this experience is a once in a lifetime one and you won’t want to ever forget it! As if we couldn’t love it anymore, the three shows a day do not cost anything extra. This magnificent performance is included in the price of your park ticket!

With Visions of Dolphins and Macaws Dancing in Your Head

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