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Weather For The Reunion Resort, Orlando, Florida

Spring (March to May)

High temperatures in the upper 80's and cooler in the evenings. Lows possible in the 50's. Plenty of sunshine but spring showers are common. Swim wear, shorts and light clothing for the day, sweaters for the cooler evening.

Summer (June to September)

High temperatures in the 90's with strong sunshine. Lows average in the 70's. Later afternoon thunderstorms, usually last only an hour. Visit attractions early to avoid midday heat. Return in the evenings to enjoy extended summer hours and night time shows. Light clothing and sensible footwear.

Autumn (October to mid December)

Ideal weather in the high 80's and lows around 60's. Abundant sunshine with some thunderstorms. Swim wear and light clothing for the day, light jacket may be required in the evening.

Winter (mid December to February)

The temperatures are cooler, especially between late December through through January. 70's average high, evening lows around 55's. Swim wear and light clothing for warm afternoons, warmer clothing and jackets for the cooler evenings.


Ave Max Temp

Ave Min Temp

Ave Temp

Ave Rainfall


71.6 F
71.8 F
77.5 F
84.0 F
88.4 F
90.5 F
92.1 F
91.4 F
89.3 F
84.1 F
77.0 F
72.9 F

50.7 F
50.0 F
55.5 F
61.3 F
66.9 F
71.7 F
73.5 F
73.7 F
72.7 F
66.6 F
56.9 F
51.8 F

61.2 F
60.9 F
66.5 F
72.7 F
77.7 F
81.1 F
82.8 F
82.6 F
81.0 F
75.3 F
67.0 F
62.3 F

2.33 in
4.00 in
3.24 in
1.30 in
3.10 in
7.53 in
7.15 in
7.07 in
6.27 in
2.86 in
1.65 in
2.01 in